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Northern Vs. Southern Chinese Cuisine

What are the differences in Northern and Southern Cuisine, and why are they there?

We predict that these differences are caused primarily by historical, geographical, and cultural separations.

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What defines the split between the North and South of China?

Often used as the geographical dividing line between northern and southern China is the Qinling Huaihe Line (lit. Qin MountainsHuai River Line).

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Cooking Methods

The North and South are very different in the ways that they prepare their food. In the North of China, the people are very focused on the spices and added flavorings. However, in the South of China, their dishes are often prepared with very few additional ingredients, as they prefer the taste of the food itself.

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Table Manners

An In Depth Explanation

Most table manners are the same, the main difference is in the etiquette of drinking.
Why? This is due to the culture differences between the North and South. Because The North has been a political center from ancient times to the present. For example, Beijing now. Political culture in the culture of northern China is more important. There are more literati in southern China, so it’s more casual. So, relatively speaking, the table manners in northern China are more complicated and formal.

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Ingredients and Common Foods

The North and South differ in the types of foods they eat, primarily due to their geography. The North is suitable for wheats to grow in, and for raising livestock. However, the South cultivates rice and vegetables well. This causes a diverse split between the two. Also, since the regions are so large, there is great diversity among sub-regions within them.

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The North and South of China have very different foods, cooking methods, and table manners, based on their geography and cultural history. Each of their staple foods are dependent on what the land allows them to grow. For the North this is wheat, and for the South it is rice. There is also great distinction between the smaller regions within the North and South respectively. When it comes to table manners they are quite similar in many ways, for example their seating. However, common table etiquette can be quite different.

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